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Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

As many of you know, Houston and a large portion of the Texas coast have been devastated by what is now tropical storm Harvey. Many residents have been displaced from their homes, separated from their families, and lost everything they own.

Shelters are reaching their capacities quickly and many supplies are needed!

J&M Jewelry would like to donate 100% of profits from custom “Texas Dog Tag” purchases to Hurrican Harvey relief funds. If you’d like to purchase a Texas Dog Tag and help donate to the families in need click here and please pray for Texas as we rebuild our cities and selves stronger than ever.

Let Us Upgrade You!

Let Us Upgrade You!

What’s in your setting? Let Us Upgrade You! Did you know that all these stones can look very similar to an untrained eye? However, the stones all have very different values! If you are looking to upgrade your engagement ring or wedding band, contact us today and receive 25% off any custom wedding jewelry purchase.

gems difference

What Is Your Cut?

What Is Your Cut?

Diamond and gemstone cuts each have a very unique look and meaning. Learn more about the cuts below:

Round Diamond ShapeThe round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape of diamond. For hundreds of years, diamond cutters have been working with this cut to maximize its brilliance and fire.

Princess Cut Princess cut diamonds are exceptionally brilliant because of the way they are cut and are available in both square and rectangular shapes. The color that is emitted from princess cut diamonds is very unique. While the color of other diamond is displayed mainly in the center, the princess cut diamonds show distinct color in each of the corners as well.

Cushion CutSometimes called a pillow-cut diamond, the cushion cut is a timeless cut that has earned its name for its pillow shape. Cushion cut diamonds tend to have impeccable brilliance and clarity in their appearance which can be attributed to their rounded corners and larger facets. These diamonds are available in square and rectangular shapes.

Emerald CutEmerald cut diamonds have a unique optical appearance because of the rectangular facets step-cut into the diamond’s pavilion. This cut showcases the diamond’s original clarity beautifully because of its large rectangular table which will also make inclusions and color more apparent.

Pear CutCombining round and marquise cuts, the teardrop style of pear shaped diamonds is exceptional. The slender pear shape will give fingers and hands a slimmer appearance while creating a soft and delicate look. Pear shaped diamonds are cut to produce maximum brilliance, so it’s important to look for excellent symmetry.

Oval CutOval cut diamonds have a classic appearance with a modern twist! It is a popular cut in all types of jewelry, especially in engagement rings, making it easy to match with other jewelry. It has an incredible brilliance, similar to the round brilliant cut, but also has the advantage of accentuating long, slender finders.

Asscher Cut Asscher cuts look similar to emerald cuts with the most obvious difference being that they are square, as opposed to rectangular. This cut features large step facets and a high crown that produces a brilliance unlike any other diamond shape. In fact, diamond experts often refer to the shine and sparkle of an Asscher cut diamond as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors.

Marquise CutA marquise cut diamond is a perfect shape for maximizing carat weight by emphasizing the size of the diamond. Its unique shape creates the effect of longer, more slender hands and fingers. The outline of a diamond is determined by its length to width ratio, which also provides an image of the shape and look of the diamond.

Radiant Cut Perfect for those looking for a unique style, radiant cut diamonds feature uniquely trimmed corners which combines the lines of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond. The sparkle of this diamond cut looks beautiful when combined with a variety of other diamond cuts.